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All services

Procurement logistics

Discover our procurement logistics services!

Production logistics

BLG supports you from production supply and disposal through to on-site logistics

Distribution logistics

The distribution of your products should be looked after by professionals – learn about BLG's distribution logistics!

Reverse logistics

We organize your returns and complaints for you – reverse logistics at BLG.

Freight forwarding

Worldwide forwarding - Truck freight, Sea freight, Air freight, and Rail freight - tailored to your needs!

Transport logistics

By road, rail, and water – learn about our services in transport logistics.

Cargo handling logistics

Discover our port logistics, terminal logistics and heavy cargo logistics at modern locations in Europe.

Supply chain management

Find out about optimal setup and efficient management of integrated logistics chains.

Value added services

Benefit from value added services that are tailored to your needs.

Looking for a strong logistics partner?


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